Pedestrian Safety Tips in St. Pete


In these crazy times, walking has become an even more wonderful way for us all to get from point A to point B. We can get outside, get some fresh air and exercise all in one!

When traveling on foot throughout St. Pete and Florida in general, there are many safety precautions that we can and should follow. When biking, driving, or using any other form of motorized transportation, it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for pedestrians. While drivers on the roads should be vigilant when it comes to watching out for others, it is still important for pedestrians themselves to remain as safe as possible. 

Walking in St. Pete

Always use sidewalks, walkways, and crosswalks.

Designated walking areas for pedestrians are the safest way to walk near major roadways. It is always important to follow the laws as a pedestrian. This includes staying away from busy freeways, construction areas, and any other restricted areas.

Remain vigilant.

Even if you’re sticking to sidewalks, walkways, and crosswalks, it’s still important to stay alert. If you’re crossing at a crosswalk, always be sure to look before you cross. Drivers do not always follow traffic rules, so keep an eye out for yourself. 

Don’t walk distracted or under the influence. 

Just as if you were driving, don’t walk after drinking alcohol. If you’re inebriated, it’s unlikely that you’ll make the right decisions when it comes to following proper traffic rules and pedestrian guidelines. The same goes for texting and walking, if you’re distracted, you aren’t looking out for your own safety!

Stay visible to drivers. 

If you’re walking after dark, you might not be as visible to drivers as you are in the daylight. Consider using a flashlight, headlamp, or reflective gear to allow for increased visibility.


Driving in St. Pete

Keep an eye out for kids.

Prior to Covid-19, this was especially important around school times. Now, we must keep an eye out for kids all day! Without recess and interaction with other kids, you may notice more kids out and about, trying to let off some steam. While we hope that parents inform their children of traffic rules and road safety, however, it is our job as drivers to keep an eye out. 

Drive distraction-free.

In general, drivers must stay free of distractions when behind the wheel. Texting while driving takes attention away from the road. To ensure you watch the roads, drinking and driving is also a major no-no. Besides the fact that distracted driving and driving under the influence is illegal, you put yourself and others at risk. 

With a changing world, we must be sure to share the roads safely, no matter if we are driving or walking. We must all do our part to follow traffic laws and stay alert for any potentially dangerous situations. 

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