After Being Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident


Third-Party Claims as a Passenger in a Car Accident

If you find yourself involved in a car accident as a passenger that results in injuries, you may be met with a difficult road ahead. Aside from the healing process, you could be responsible for some pretty hefty medical bills if the right legal steps aren’t taken. 

After an accident as a passenger, you’ll want to take all of the same steps that you would as if you were the driver. We have several blogs to cover this in great detail.

The main difference when you are just a passenger is that you, in no way, have any fault in the matter. With having no fault in the accident, this leads us into Personal Injury Protection. 

Personal Injury Protection

In Florida, Personal Injury Protection is required by law for all drivers. This means that each individual should carry this insurance to protect themselves in the case of an accident and injury. Typically, if you’ve been injured in a car accident as a passenger, your claim would be filed under the PIP plan of your driver. You could have a couple issues arise with this:

  1. If there are multiple injured passengers, in which case the driver’s PIP likely would not cover the total amount in medical bills from all parties. 
  2. If you do not wish to file a claim against the driver you were with, you also have the option to file a claim against the other party involved, considering which driver is found at fault.

How do you file a Third Party Claim as an Injured Passenger in a car accident? 

Third Party Claims

Whether you opt to file a claim against your driver or the other driver involved, both are considered to be Third Party Claims. Third-Party Claims are made against anyone other than yourself, meaning you would be bypassing using your own insurance to file a claim with someone else’s insurance – hence the name Third-Party Claim. 

Filing a Third Party Claim 

When filing a Third Party Claim you’ll need to provide the insurance company with the same information as you would if you were the driver. 

They’ll need to know who was at fault for the accident, which vehicle you were in, and any additional information about the accident including vehicles, license plates and so on. 

Information and documentation regarding your injuries will be needed as well. 

When filing a Third Party Claim, know that the process of getting compensation will be strenuous. Insurance companies don’t want to compensate their own customers, let alone a third party. 

It is always helpful to seek professional guidance and counsel during a process such as this. If you have been involved in a car accident as a passenger and are looking to seek compensation, we urge you to utilize an experienced personal injury attorney. Call us today for a free case review.

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