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E-Scooters Roll Out in St. Pete – What You Need To Know To Stay Safe


If you’re roaming the streets of Downtown St. Pete, you may notice something new. 

As of late October, E-Scooters are now available for public use in St. Petersburg. We all enjoy the convenience of having access to simple and affordable transportation, especially for travelers. However, with this new addition to the roadways, we must consider the risks and safety precautions that come with it. 

So before we get too excited and hop on one of these new electric scooters, it’s important to understand what you need to do to stay safe. 

Follow Local Rules and Safety Guidelines

Here in St. Pete, the decision was made to enforce several strict rules that may not be required in other cities. For example, in St. Pete, the e-scooters are to be corralled at specific locations when not in use. 

In other major cities across the nation, randomly discarded scooters pose a safety issue for many – other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. For corral rules and locations, you’ll want to consult the e-scooter company you decide to go with. 

Additionally, in St. Petersburg, e-scooters will not be allowed on sidewalks, the waterfront trail, or the St. Pete Pier. To operate an e-scooter in St. Pete, you’ll need to stay in bike lanes and be considerate of the speed limit, 30 miles per hour. 

Follow E-Scooter Safety Protocol

Whether operating a bike, motorcycle, or e-scooter, it’s important to keep your brain safe and wear a helmet. Head injuries of all kinds make up at least half of the injuries sustained in e-scooter accidents, according to the CDC. 

E-Scooters are like any other form of machinery, operating an e-scooter under the influence is a major contributor to accidents as well. You may believe that they are a safer option than getting behind the wheel, but it is never a good idea to drink and drive. The same rules apply to distracted driving. Pull off to a safe place if you need to check text messages or driving directions.

If you’ve never driven an e-scooter, it is recommended that you take a test drive or two to get your bearings. Choose a location that is safe and away from other motorists and pedestrians. 

E-Scooter and Vehicle Safety

As a driver of a traditional vehicle, especially in the downtown area of St. Pete, it’s crucial to stay vigilant. Keep an eye out for pedestrians and especially these new e-scooters! We should all do our part to stay safe and keep others safe as well. 

Of course, as always, accidents happen! There are certain circumstances that, no matter how safe we are, accidents can and do still happen. 

Since e-scooters are fairly new in the grand scheme of things, we are still learning a lot about proper safety procedures and best practices, but we believe that these are a good starting place. 

If you’ve been involved in an e-scooter accident and have suffered injuries as a result, know that you have the right to seek compensation. Give us a call to discuss your accident, injuries, and options moving forward.

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