What Happens If I Get In An Accident With A Rental Car In Florida


Travel and tourism are always a busy part of life here in our beautiful state of Florida. Whether it be Spring Break or the flocking of snowbirds, visitors are always making their way to the sunshine and beaches. In conjunction with this pattern of high traffic, the roadways can get crazy with out-of-towners! 

Accidents can and do happen to anyone, so we wanted to best prepare our readers as to how to handle a car accident with a rental car driver. Keep reading along for more information. 

Rental Car Drivers in Florida

All rental car companies require that the driver carries personal auto insurance coverage. Depending on the driver’s home state, the coverage may vary. As Floridians, we are required to protect ourselves in the event of an accident by maintaining Personal Injury Protection insurance as well as Property Damage coverage. 

If you are involved in an accident while driving a rental car, it is important that you notify the rental company as soon as possible as well as your insurance provider. We suggest that you seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, as a renter, car accident cases can become quite tricky. Rental car companies in Florida do include a minimal amount of coverage, however, the rental car company may require you to cover extensive damages to the vehicle. 

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What To Do After An Accident With a Rental Car

As with any auto accident, there are steps that should be taken at the scene of the accident. Be sure to call emergency services if necessary and the police to report the accident. Take photos and collect statements and evidence if possible. This information may be needed by the rental car company as well. Always contact your insurance company right away as well as an attorney to ensure that you receive adequate compensation. Don’t delay medical attention for related injuries. 

Being involved in an accident with a rental car is not very different than being involved in an accident with any other vehicle. There are provisions in place by the rental car companies and you should explore this with your attorney. However, in the State of Florida, drivers are typically responsible for their own damages incurred on the roadways. For this reason, it’s important to contact your insurance company right away and work with your attorney to provide the necessary information to receive adequate compensation.

Contact A Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you are renting a car and find yourself in a car accident or if you live in Florida and get into an accident with a rental car, the road to compensation can be difficult. We understand that personal injury and property damage law can be confusing, but we’re here to help. We hope you’ve found some clarification and if you’d like to speak more in-depth with one of our attorneys one on one, we’d love to hear your story

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