PIP Insurance VS Health Insurance in Florida


If you operate a vehicle in any capacity in the state of Florida, we hope you’re familiar with our state’s car insurance laws. 

As a no-fault state, Florida drivers should carry an insurance policy that includes a Personal Injury Protection plan. In the case of an accident, PIP insurance should protect you and help cover the costs of injury up to a certain amount. But you may be wondering, what about health insurance? Shouldn’t that cover any injuries? 

Join us as we explain the difference between PIP insurance and Health Insurance and how both work in the event of a car accident.

PIP Insurance 

As previously mentioned, PIP insurance is required in the state of Florida if you plan to drive a vehicle. PIP is required to cover the driver’s own injuries in the case of an accident. PIP plans typically cover about 80% of the costs related to medical treatment for injuries resulting from a car accident – up to $10,000.

Unlike in some other states, with PIP plans in Florida, costs should be covered no matter who caused the accident. 

Health Insurance

As you may be familiar, health insurance is utilized when you seek any medical attention. Any visit to the doctor or any typical injury will usually be covered by your health insurance up to a certain point – depending on your policy and insurance company. 

You may be wondering, in the case of a car accident, does health insurance come into play to pay your medical costs? 

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The Comparison

With both PIP and Health Insurance, payouts will be sought from the insurance companies themselves. In other states, victims could seek additional compensation from any at-fault drivers. 

One thing to consider is each plan separately. More than likely, your health insurance plan will include a deductible of some kind that will have to be met in order for your injuries to be covered. Your PIP plan probably does not have a deductible. This means that for out-of-pocket costs, it’s wise to follow the rules and purchase a PIP plan for your personal protection on the roads. 

If the accident is severe, PIP should cover up to $10,000 worth of medical bills and if there are still costs on top of that, it is certainly not a bad idea to look into the coverage of your health insurance. 

After all, PIP is there for injuries sustained in a car accident, your health insurance likely won’t be required to have your expenses covered. If your accident was severe and you’ve exhausted the coverage provided by PIP, there is always the option to seek additional compensation – either from your auto insurance company or your health insurance provider.

As with any personal injury case, we’d like to urge you to seek medical attention and compensation right away. PIP claims do have deadlines that are important to keep top of mind as you endure the road to recovery. 

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