When you get hurt in an accident, we’re here to fight the insurance companies to ensure they give you they money you are owed so you can focus on healing and getting your life back on track. Oh, and you pay us nothing unless we get you compensation.

Choosing The Best Auto Insurance Coverage For You | 2020

Making a well-educated decision is crucial when it comes to weighing your best auto insurance coverage options. Most of us have auto insurance because it is required by law, however, there are many factors to consider as you begin to evaluate your needs. How do you know which auto insurance company is right for you?

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The “Medical Emergency Defense” in Florida | Sudden Emergency Doctrine

Every day in our country we see vehicles smash through public restaurant buildings, run off the roadway straight into oncoming traffic, and even plow through homes coming to a complete stop inside someone’s living room.  Not surprisingly, these accidents can cause thousands to millions of dollars in property damages and injuries. In very devastating cases,

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How to Prove Pain and Suffering Damages After an Accident

If you’ve been hurt in a recent accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. After establishing fault in a slip-and-fall, car accidents, medical malpractice claim or any other personal injury matter, you may be wondering if you can get compensated for “pain and suffering damages.”

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How to Claim Lost Wages after an Auto Accident

How to Claim Lost Wages After a Car Accident (And how to prepare for it!)

The financial burden forced onto those who have suffered a recent car accident can be extremely overwhelming and even devastating. If you’re accident has caused you serious injuries, you may be forced to miss work without pay for several days or even weeks due to this unforeseen accident. With mounting medical bills and utility bills

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How to Get Medical Bills Covered After a Car Accident

How to Get Your Medical Bills Covered Without Paying Out of Pocket

If you’ve been injured in a Florida car accident, you probably have some questions regarding the mounting medical bills that seem to just keep building up. You may be asking yourself questions like: “Who is supposed to pay my medical bills?” “What role does the other driver’s insurance play in helping me pay my medical

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What are Epidural Steroid Injections and Medial Branch Nerve Blocks?

Two interventional pain procedures which are commonly used in treating back and neck injuries, especially injuries resulting from car accidents, are epidural steroid injections and medial branch nerve blocks.  Generally, the injured party should go through conservative medical treatment – chiropractic and/or physical therapy – before seeking interventional pain options.  However, every injury is different

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Finding Insurance For An Accident When There Appears to Be No Coverage

Personal injury attorneys seek to recover insurance money for people who have been injured by the negligence of others.  For a number of reasons, we generally do not attempt to recover money from the at-fault party personally. Simply put: no insurance, no case.  This article explores some important features of Florida law which can result

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Pipas Law Team Discussing UM Coverage in Florida with Clients

Why UM Coverage in Florida Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

On average, you can expect to be involved in three to four car accidents over the course of your lifetime.  That national average is likely much higher in Florida, which ranks as the second-worst state for distracted driving. So, how does this relate to UM Coverage in Florida? If you have been injured in a

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Florida PIP Insurance FAQs 2019- PIP Explained

New clients are sometimes unconcerned about liability issues, that is, who was at fault or responsible for the motor vehicle crash which caused their injuries.  These clients invariably repeat the phrase that “Florida is a no-fault state.” While Florida does have a very limited no-fault system, which requires a type of insurance coverage called Personal

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Car Crashes in Pinellas County | Updated 2019

Pinellas County Car Accidents   Forward Pinellas, a transportation advocacy group, crunched some numbers late last year and found out that 77 car crashes happen on average in Pinellas County EVERY DAY. What we find even crazier, is that this average has been consistent over the LAST FIVE YEARS according to Forward Pinellas. And in

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man in car accident that looks upset

How long will my car accident case take if I have bad injuries?

A common question that arises when seeking help with your personal injury case following a car accidentis how long will the case take to resolve. This can be determined by a number of factors even though every case is different. The primary (but not limiting to) determining factors of how long your personal injury case

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Personal Injury

How long does a personal injury case last?

Clients often ask me how long their case will take to settle or go to court. It really depends, but generally a personal injury case will last at least a year. In the early stages the law firm gathers information like a crash report, damage reports, witness information, insurance policies, and medical records. This process

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Should an attorney send their personal injury client to a doctor?

The response given is usually, “Why would an attorney have anything to do with sending a client to a doctor?  If the client was truly injured they would find their own doctor.” This is not always true. Many times, clients come to an attorney after an accident where they may have gone to an emergency

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