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When you get hurt in an accident, we’re here to fight the insurance companies to ensure they give you the money you are owed so you can focus on healing and getting your life back on track. Oh, and you pay us nothing unless we get you compensation.

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Why Its Crucial To Hire An Attorney After an Accident

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How Refusing Treatment for Injuries Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case By Pipas Law Group

How Refusing Treatment for Injuries Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case

In the heat of the moment following a car accident, you may believe that you don’t need to seek any medical attention. The severity of your injuries may not present themselves for several days or weeks after the accident. Given the stressful environment of the scene at a car accident, you may not fully acknowledge

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No-Fault & Determining Who's at Fault After a Car Accident By Pipas Law Group.jpg

“No-Fault” & Determining Who’s at Fault After a Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident will likely be hectic and you may feel flustered. With such an intense situation, the fine details can be difficult to keep track of and remember after the fact.  The likelihood that you’ll be involved in a car accident at some point in your life is almost guaranteed. This

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What not to say after a car accident By Pipas Law Group

What Not to Say at A Car Accident Scene

Being involved in an accident is never fun. It can be emotionally taxing, not to mention the physical effects it has on your body. You’re never really prepared for an accident but there are some things you want to know and keep in mind in case of a car accident.  For the average person, car

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Top 5 Negligent Acts Causing Tampa Boating Accidents

Unlike middle America, there’s no shortage of water recreation in the state of Florida.  Whether fishing, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, or any other boat related recreational activity you can imagine, the waters in and around Florida stay busy!  From pirates to novice vacationers, the boating scene around Tampa carries a wide range of operator experience

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Workers' Compensation vs Third Party Claims By Pipas Law

Workers’ Compensation vs Third Party Claims

If you’ve suffered injuries on the job, you may be interested in seeking Workers’ Compensation.  Typically Workers’ Comp is utilized when you have suffered an injury on the job. It’s likely that your injuries may have resulted in spendy medical bills, lost wages, and potentially lifelong injuries that you’ll have to deal with for the

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Personal Injury Emotional Distress vs Pain & Suffering | Blog by Pipas Law Group

Personal Injury Emotional Distress vs Pain & Suffering

If you are not a lawyer, judge, or associated court professional, chances are you have no desire to be involved in a lawsuit or court case. Unfortunately, you may still find yourself there one day, whether for a personal injury case or another legal issue.  Getting involved with the unfamiliar scene of lawyers, lawsuits, court

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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? By Pipas Law

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident that resulted in injury, you may be asking yourself what to do now.  In recent blogs, we’ve covered several topics relating to this concern, from detailing different types of injuries to settlement agreements and more.  All of this information can be helpful, and we encourage you to

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Is it too late to hire a personal injury attorney?

We always recommend working with an attorney as soon as possible after you or a family member has been involved in a serious accident.  However, things don’t always work out as we would hope.  After an accident, there are a lot of responsibilities to juggle and you may not get the chance to reflect and

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