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Have you been injured in a recent accident and are now looking for an experienced Tampa or St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Pipas Law Group have seen devastating motor bike accidents over the years. They can be some of the scariest auto accidents of them all, in fact. The impact that a motorcycle driver takes on after an accident almost always results in serious injuries. 

Numerous victims of in our area are living with the scars, cuts, amputations, depressions, the loss of loved ones, and loss of jobs and means of livelihood due to motorcycle accidents. Motorists all over the world likewise in the Tampa Bay Area marginalize motorcyclists on the road.

In fact, Tampa and St. Pete has been known to be some of the most dangerous cities in the state of Florida to drive vehicles, let alone motorcycles. 

In many cases, motorcyclists are side-swept off the road by motorists and heavy trucks due to poor vision or blind spots. However, we’ve noticed that it is typical a for the vehicle driver, owner or operator to claim that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly when that is not necessarily true. This accusation is just one of the excuses they can use to pin the blame on a motorcyclist. Accusations like these can be detrimental to your personal injury case, so be sure that you have a local attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents, like the attorneys at Pipas Law Group.

If you were involved or reasonably injured in a Motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg or Tampa, then you need the legal counsel of Pipas Law Group motorcycle injury lawyers. No driver will acknowledge or accept fault if you don’t have the proper legal counsel or representation to help navigate through these tricky cases.

What is Motorcycle Accident Law in Florida?

The prime purpose of Florida’s motorcycle accident law is to ensure that individuals or groups, who sustained reasonable injuries, lost lives or properties because of a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of other people are fully compensated.

Florida’s motorcycle accident laws pertain specifically to accidents involving motorcyclists in Florida. Other states may have their own laws for motorcycle accident cases, so be sure you are familiar with the laws specifically for Floridians if you are the owner of a motor bike.

The process of filing a motorcycle accident injury claim in Florida includes the following:

  1. Filing a claim
  2. Negotiate a settlement offer with the at-fault party and insurance company
  3. Filing a lawsuit if needed
  4. Litigating the case
  5. Taking the case to trial or other alternative dispute resolutions

As you may have inferred, this process does not start with filing a lawsuit. Just like a car accident case, it is a intricate process of filing a claim and negotiating a favorable settlement offer. If the outcome of the negotiation is not favorable, then the claimant can proceed to file a lawsuit. It would be in the best interest of a claimant to hire an attorney to handle your motorcycle accident case and deliver the most favorable results. 

Tampa and St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured, suffered from the loss of a loved one, or lost or damaged property due to a motorcycle accident, Pipas Law Group can help you by doing the following:

#1. Free Case Review

Contact us immediately after a motorcycle accident injury and we can begin to collect information and evidence to determine who is legally responsible for the motorcycle accident.

It is very important that we review your case and all the details pertaining to it very carefully during this stage.  Most motorcycle accident laws are  governed on the legal concept of negligence. In this phase, we will discover if your accident was caused due to the negligent driver.

If we discover that the at-fault driver was negligent, we will do the following:

  • Collect all photos from the accident scene
  • Collect the scene report from the police
  • Collect factual statements from witnesses
  • Investigate the motorist’s driving history and medical records
  • Contact the motorist’s insurance companies

#2. Help you Recover Full Compensation

We can favorable negotiate or litigate your case until you get full compensation for your injuries or losses.

Our attorneys will help you recover compensation for the following:

  • Future or past Medical Expenses due to emergency visit, surgery or hospital care
  • Wages you could not earn for the periods you could not work following a motorcycle accident
  • Loss of Consortium in the case of a wrongful death following a St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay motorcycle accident
  • Compensations for pain, suffering, limitations, anguish, and other long-term impacts of a motorcycle

#3. We Cover the Costs

The Attorneys at Pipas Law Group work on a contingency fee basis. This simply means that you won’t have to make payments until a favorable compensation is agreed on and paid.

It would be very difficult for you to get a favorable compensation following a motorcycle accident crash, without the assistance of an motorcycle accident attorney. 

At Pipas Law, our mission is to bring your case a favorable resolution whether through a early settlement, alternative dispute resolution or even trial.

Contact Pipas Law Today.

Tampa and St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Pipas Law St. Pete Car Accident Attorneys Collaborating

The Pipas Promise

You are not a case number. However, many law firms in this industry may treat you like one. Here at Pipas Law Group, your attorney is always the person running your case- not a paralegal, law clerk, or case manager. Our small firm care with big results mentality will give you piece of mind.

Rushing to settle your case is not the way we do business. Our goal is get you the absolute best possible outcome, even if that means taking your case to trial.

At Pipas Law Group, you will always have access to speak to your attorney. You will receive regular updates on your case when necessary, and you can be sure that your case is in the best possible hands to get you the full recovery you deserve. Let us fight for you.

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