How To Get Your Car Fixed After an Accident in Florida


Car accidents can leave victims injured and out of work with overwhelming expenses to handle. Typically, when we discuss car accidents, we are primarily concerned with the victims injuries. Medical concerns are a top priority after an accident, however, the damages often do not end there. 

When it comes to damages to your vehicle, it is likely that you’ll find yourself burdened with coordinating rides until your vehicle can be repaired, not to mention the repairs themselves. 

Through our experience with property damage after an accident, we have compiled what we know in today’s blog. 

Compile Evidence

Throughout the aftermath of a car accident, it’s important to document every detail from the accident to the damages on your vehicle. Photos, notes, receipts, and any other form of documentation can help prove your claim. This documentation will come in handy in the case that your claim is denied or minimized by your insurance company. 

File a Property Damage Claim

In a no-fault state like Florida, in order to acquire compensation for property damage, a victim must file a claim with their car insurance provider. Details about the accident as well as the damage to the vehicle will be necessary. Depending on your insurance plan, the total amount of expenses to get your car back to the condition it was in prior to the accident may exceed the amount of coverage you carry. 

Shop Around For Estimates

When it comes to property damages, the more documentation you have, the better. Shopping around for auto repairs can give a clear understanding of the true financial impact that the accident has caused. Being able to provide your insurance company with a holistic overview of the true cost of the repairs will set you up for compensation.

The value lost in a car accident can easily exceed the cost of your vehicle. If this has happened to you, we urge you to speak with an attorney. 

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Choose a Car Repair Shop

After shopping around and getting estimates from a variety of places, make a selection. Your insurance company may tell you that you must use a repair shop of their choosing. Speak with an attorney if this is the case. If you feel as though the repair shop suggested by your insurance provider is inadequate, you should have other options. We want you to feel comfortable with the capabilities and quality of service you can expect to receive. 

Speak With An Attorney

Car accidents can cause a significant financial burden, no matter how severe. We always encourage car accident victims to speak with a local Florida attorney to discuss their case. Whether you find yourself with serious personal injuries or property damage, insurance companies will often do whatever they can to minimize your compensation. From selecting the cheapest repair shops to only covering a small part of the repair costs, insurance adjusters have tools and tactics that keep money away from policyholders. 

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