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How Are Car Accident Claims Resolved?


The aftermath of a car accident can extend long past the immediate days or even weeks after the accident. From injuries to changes in life circumstances as a result of the accident, life may not feel normal for some time. 

It is likely that, if you’ve been involved in a car accident, you will likely be working with insurance companies and an attorney to iron out the details of your case. If you have never been involved in an accident before, this is probably all new to you and it can be difficult to understand how car accident claims work. 

We’ve put together a brief explanation below, keep reading for a better understanding!

Reaching Settlement

Your car accident has been investigated, you have evidence to support your claims and you’re ready to take the next step. 

We always urge victims to reach out to an attorney as soon as they can after experiencing a car accident. The right attorney will help you gather necessary facts and information as well as help coach you through the next steps. 

Understanding Settlements

You may find yourself wondering what you should do after an accident, in terms of potential compensation. Depending on the specifics of the car accident that you were involved in, you might feel as though you have a strong enough case to go to trial or maybe that is simply your expectation of what a car accident claim might look like. 

Oftentimes, this is not the case. The majority of car accident insurance claims are resolved by reaching a settlement between all parties. By working with an attorney, they will be able to explain to you how a settlement might be the best option for you. Going to trial introduces a lot of risk into the situation, whereas settlements are more predictable and easy to control.

Access to compensation occurs faster via settlement and settlements often result in more compensation than going to trial. 

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Avoiding Lawsuit after a car accident

Working with a skilled attorney can help you avoid a lengthy lawsuit. By gathering the necessary information to prove your claims, your attorney will be able to help you reach a settlement that covers all of your damages sustained as a result of the accident. 

Litigation is a costly and lengthy process and it is not necessary in most cases to receive fair compensation. The majority of car accident claims are resolved through settlement. Insurance companies don’t want to endure an extended, messy lawsuit. They are eager to reach a settlement and have the issue resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Of course each case is unique, if you have specific questions regarding your case please call one of our attorneys

If you are considering filing a claim based on a recent car accident or have received information from an insurance company regarding a settlement offer, be sure to consult with an attorney right away. 

While insurance companies are ready to make a settlement, they also have their own best interest in mind. 

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