4 Most Common Overlooked Injuries After a Car Accident


After a car accident, shock can consume you. There was likely a lot happening at the scene of the car crash. From totaled vehicles to severe injury and emergency medical services, there can be a lot to take in after an accident. 

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. In such cases, it can be common for certain underlying injuries to go undetected for a while. In the legal field, even delayed injuries that you may not notice for days or even months after the accident are subject to fair compensation. 

There are four types of injuries that we find get left undetected most commonly. Read on for more information!

Spine Related Injuries 

The spine is home to some of the most vital parts of our body, including 31 nerves within the spinal column. Nerve damage can cause issues throughout the body that may not be noticeable right away. Headaches and neck aches are also common symptoms of a spinal injury.

Back and neck pain may seem “normal” after an accident, but the pain can stem from more serious injuries that should not be overlooked. These injuries include (and are not limited to):

  • Herniated Disks
  • Spinal Fracture
  • Spinal Cord Damage 
  • Whiplash

Traumatic Brain Injuries or Concussion

If you hit your head in a car accident, serious damage can be done to your brain. Initial symptoms from a traumatic brain injury can go undiagnosed, however, treatment is necessary to heal properly. Our brains are delicate organs and a significant blow can do some serious damage! Some of the most common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are as follows:

  • Cognitive dysfunction  
  • Abnormal behavior (irritability or mood swings)
  • Memory Problems
  • Headaches or dizziness

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

As we have mentioned before, post-traumatic stress disorder is widely undetected after a serious car accident. Emotions can be running high and there can be a lot to figure out after an accident. From financial troubles to totaled vehicles and healing bodily injuries as well – PTSD may not be a top concern. 

If you notice emotional or mood-related concerns after a severe car accident, do not overlook them. Take the proper precautions by seeing a medical professional to get the treatment you need. 

Internal Injuries

Internal bleeding and injuries to internal organs can be life-threatening. If you notice any abdominal pain after being involved in a car accident, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention. 

The liver and the kidneys are common internal organs that can be impacted during a car accident and injuries like this can take weeks to appear. Be observant and don’t hesitate to seek medical attention when you need it.

The main point we would like to drive home about injuries that go overlooked after a car accident is that it is important to seek medical attention right away and keep an eye on yourself or your loved ones. Staying alert and aware of your body and symptoms will help you maintain good health and – should the event arise – seek compensation for your injuries. 

Still have questions? Consult one of our skilled personal injury attorneys today. 

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